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Clubs within the Club

Within the Detroit Yacht Club are more than 40 clubs and committees. Each committee is made up of members with special interests and are responsible for many of the fun activities in the Club as well as in helping to keep the Club looking beautiful. No matter what your interests and talents, there probably is a club or committee that will welcome you to: 

The Entertainment Committee works throughout the year assisting the Commodore in planning Club events, such as: 
            Holiday Decorating (November) 
            Commodore's Coffee (December) 
            Children's Holiday Party (December) 
            Officers' Ball (January) 
            Venetian Week (August).
The committee assists the Commodore in the selection of coordinators for each of these events. Coordinators of events consist of a variety of members, both new and old. Often an experienced member will work with a new member assistant so the newer member can learn the functions of planning an event. Meetings are held at the beginning of the year to set strategy, again in the fall, and as needed throughout the year.

Membership Recruitment Committee
The Recruitment Committee works to attract and recruit new members, plans events for prospective new members, advises and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding membership activities, and advises as to the status and acceptance of new members. Members of this committee participate in new member receptions and volunteer to represent the DYC at a booth in local boat shows. 

Membership Retention Committee
The Retention Committee aids in the assimilation of new members into the Club and helps in the retention of all members. There are various activities directed at reaching these goals, including monthly telephone campaigns, Meet and Mingle Parties, and utilization of the Buddy System. The Membership Retention Committee always welcomes new committee members.

The Outriggers - Family Fun Crew
The Outriggers are a group of DYC families who come together to enhance the fun for families of the Club. This group has a weekly playgroup, monthly babysitting service and meetings on the second Saturday of every month. The group organizes outings and events for families with children of all ages.

Metro Club
This club organizes group participation in the many attractions in downtown Detroit.

The Pelicans meet in the Port Haven Room twice a month, often with guest speakers attending. These luncheons are planned with the business person in mind.

Rod & Gun Club ---R&G Club Page----
The Rod & Gun Club develops events which are of interest to Members who enjoy outdoor sports such as hunting, fishing, shooting, and snowmobiling.  Events are scheduled almost every month throughout the year.

Sea Gulls
The Sea Gulls are a group of diversified women who enjoy playing duplicate bridge. They gather every Tuesday at 1:00 pm in the Sweepstakes Room on the third floor of the DYC. Some of the women enjoy having lunch together before playing cards and meet in the Grill at noon.
The Sea Gulls also engage in fund-raising activities for the DYC, such as bake sales and book sales. Money earned is used to fund Club projects and improvements.

Voyageurs ----Voyageurs Page----
The Voyageurs are a party within the Detroit Yacht Club. They are a group of DYC members, singles and married, who sponsor and promote activities of widespread appeal during week nights and weekend hours. Some of these events include ethnic dinners, theater, feather bowling, dinner cruises, golf outings and mystery trips. They also hold several fund-raising events, such as their annual Bagel Sale on Hydroplane Race Day and the annual "Meet the Candidates" Wine Tasting.
All event proceeds go directly to Detroit Yacht Club projects. Some of these projects include art restoration, the "Voyageurs Riverside Garden", renovation of the Ladies Locker Room and the Second Floor Powder Room and the Library restoration. All DYC members are welcome to attend any scheduled event and to come to the monthly meetings.

DYC Business Networking Group
This group was formed to facilitate Members interacting with each other to promote business relationships. The group meets on the first Friday of every month for lunch. Meetings always have time set aside for networking and have a featured speaker focusing on a business topic.

Not exactly a club within the DYC, this is a series of classes given by Club Members and invited experts. The classes are for Club Members and cover a range of topics regarding computers, marine electonics, and other technical issues which may be of interest to Members.


The Finance Committee, a standing committee of the Board of Directors, is chaired by the Rear Commodore. It is comprised of the Rear Commodore, the Treasurer, and other members of the Board.
This Committee is responsible for monitoring, evaluating and making recommendations regarding all aspects of the Club's financial activities including budget formulation. This includes not only the day-to-day operations, but also long-term financial considerations. The Committee reports to the Board of Directors and submits recommendations for Board approval. Generally, the Committee meets once a month, but more frequent meetings can be conducted as necessary.

Garden Club ---Garden Club's Web Page---
The Garden Club was organized in 2004 to create and maintan splendid perennial gardens throughout the DYC's grounds. There are no dues or initiation fees. Meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month and everyone is welcome. Special workdays for Garden Club members are held throughout the year.

The House Committee, chaired by the Vice Commodore, is a standing committee of the Board of Directors which oversees the maintenance, improvement, and restoration of the Clubhouse and grounds. The Committee sets forth and enforces House Rules, coordinates some large functions of the Club (example: the Gold Cup Race Weekend), invites and evaluates bids for projects, responds to member suggestions related to House duties. The House Committee submits its recommendations to the Board of Directors and the Finance Committee for implementation.
This committee is one of the very few committees whose membership is restricted to members of the Board of Directors, Engineering Committee and, occasionally, to a member whom the Chair of the Committee believes has special knowledge of a project under consideration.

Men's Locker Room
This committee works toward improving locker room facilities and equipment.

Women's Locker Room
This committee works toward improving locker room facilities and equipment.

Binnacle Room
This committee works to improve the facilities and increase the activities for children in the Binnacle Room.

This committee works to enhance the Club's Shuttle usage; reviews income sources; creates expense/revenue projections; establishes schedules for routine maintenance and Coast Guard compliance; and recommends improvements in vehicular traffic flow into and around the DYC.

Engineering and Maintenance
The Engineering Committee is a standing committee of the Club. It advises the House Committee. The committee Chair is selected by the current Commodore.
There are currently ten active members on the committee. The committee is also made up of members from other committees, including Interior Decorating, Men's Locker Room and Women's Locker Room. Members with experience in construction, maintenance or other engineering-related fields would be a welcome asset to the committee. Meetings are held once a month; more often if needed.

Fine Arts
The purpose of this committee is to preserve, protect and restore the valuable art collection of the DYC. The committee has conducted a "Save the Painting" campaign to raise funds to restore beautiful paintings, several of which were in immediate need of help. The committee is actively soliciting members who have an interest and appreciation for the arts.

Historical / Archives
This committee collects, updates, and provides a system for cataloging artifacts related to DYC history.

Interior Decorating
Members of this committee work in an advisory capacity with the House Committee to enhance and retain the elegance of the Club's interior in keeping with the traditions of the Club's history. Meetings are held as needed.

Strategic Planning
The Strategic Planning committee develops and implements five and ten year plans to re-vitalize the Club by creating a revised mission statement, specific visions, plans, objectives and strategies. The committee works with the Board, management and chairs of most of the club's committees in the process of developing a master plan. It also supports the Club's leaders and key members in developing plans for achieving the overall objectives.

This committee coordinates the insurance coverage for the Club facilities.

The Legal committee is consulted by Management and the Board on legal matters regarding the Club.

Labor Relations
This committee assists in the negotiations of union contracts and establishing performance objectives for management and staff.

Club Communications
This committee coordinates publicity regarding events and members of the Detroit Yacht Club. It also supervises and edits DYC publications such as the "Jib Sheet" and the "Main Sheet".

Food and Beverage Committee
The members of the Food and Beverage committee are selected by the Commodore to act as a liaison between management and members through a collaborative examination of issues regarding members' satisfaction. The committee forwards its recommendations to management and the Board of Directors.

Harbor Improvement
The Harbor Improvement Committee works with the Harbormaster and the Harbor Director to recommend and support maintaining the best of services for members and guests who have boats in the DYC harbor.

This committee oversees the purchases, sales and inventory of Club merchandise.

This committee monitors the Annual Election; counting and announcing the ballot results. The committee ensures the election is run according to the Bylaws of the Club.

Page 2 of the Club's monthly pulication, The Jib Sheet, lists current committee contact information.