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Clubs within the Club

Within the Detroit Yacht Club are more than 40 clubs and committees. Each committee is made up of members with special interests and are responsible for many of the fun activities in the Club, as well as in helping to keep the Club looking beautiful. No matter what your interests and talents, there is a club or committee that will welcome you.

Whether your interests are social, service or business oriented, membership offers you the opportunity to be involved in a community.  Our clubs provide a diverse array of interests and include both on and off property experiences and events  for you and your family.

Examples of our clubs include:

Founded in 1980, the Voyageurs are one of the clubs within the DYC, whose members and officers volunteer in non-paid positions.  We are dedicated to the philosophy of providing creative and innovative social activities of widespread appeal during week nights and weekend hours. 

Crawford – Armstrong (CAHA)
Who's mission is to provide entertainment and activities, including boating, to enhance the lives of 800 to 900 physically and mentally challenged adults from tri-county area group homes. CAHA is a 501(c) 3 organization.  

Flying Scots
The DYC Flying Scots Committee manages the DYC fleet of club-owned sailboats.  Boats are used for club and inter-club racing, adult sailing instruction and qualified DYC members may hold a skipper card that enables them to use the boats for pleasure sailing.  

Garden Club
Mission:   To create and maintain splendid perennial gardens throughout the club grounds.  The Garden Club was organized in 2004.  There are eight separate gardens/containers maintained and the club has provided gardening education and seminars for DYC members throughout the years.