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Info for Visiting Boaters

We are proud of our "resort within the city" and are happy to share it with visiting boaters.
 .......... Consider yourself welcome at the DYC.

Registering and Docking

Persons who reside and have businesses greater than 30 miles from the Detroit Yacht Club and who are members in good standing of a reciprocal yacht club greater that 30 miles from the DYC are welcome to moor their boats and enjoy the facilities of our Club. Pleasure boats only, please.

Reservations are required and will be accepted on an as-available basis. Call the Harbor Office at 313 824 1200, ext 264.

The Detroit Yacht Club is located adjacent to Belle Isle on the Detroit River between the McArthur Bridge and the DTE generating plant. Most of these waters are a no wake zone and are patrolled. Please utilize your charts because the center of the river above the McArthur Bridge has shallow areas.

As you approach the DYC Harbor, call the Harbor Office on VHF Channel 9. Identify yourself as a visiting boater who has reservations for guest dockage. You will be assigned a slip and dock attendants will be dispatched to guide you to your slip and assist you in docking.

You will need to moor your boat in that well only and tie any dinghies off within that space. You may find existing dock lines, hoses, power cords, grills and other equipment in or near your well. Since these are the property of the member whose well you are using, we ask that you only use equipment you have brought with you. We ask that you keep your equipment on your boat.

Bow-in is the proper position for your boat. Be sure to secure halyards to eliminate excessive banging.

After securing your boat, please register at the Harbor Office. It is located next to the Clubhouse on the down river side.

Electricity is available on all docks; the standard configuration is 120 volt, 30 amp 3-prong Hubbel twist lock outlets. Some wells are equipped with 220 volt, 50 amp outlets; please ask the Harbor Master about availability. The Harbor Office has one 50 amp adapter which can be rented for a deposit of $250, which is refunded upon return of the adapter.

Motors, generators, battery chargers and similar power equipment must be sufficiently muffled to not disturb others and may not be operated between 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. Quiet hours are in affect from 11:00 p.m. daily. Loud noises from radios, stereos, televisions, musical instruments, hailers and other sources are to be curtailed at that time. For the comfort of all members and guests, please use discretion throughout the day.

Fueling facilities are not available at the DYC. The Harbor staff can direct you to a nearby marina that has a gas dock. For your safety and that of all members and guests, fueling of boats or storage of fuel for boats is prohibited anywhere on our premises.

Discharge of any organic or inorganic substance into the waters in the vicinity of the Club is prohibited. We want to keep the DYC a pleasant place for all. Harbor staff collects waste material and garbage from boats at anchor daily. You’ll find trash cans located on all docks and throughout the grounds.

Carts are available at the end of each dock and may be used to move your gear and equipment. Please return the carts when you’re finished using them.

Bicycles, in-line skates and skateboards should be walked on DYC grounds. Belle Isle has plenty of room for such activities. The road around the perimeter of the island is a six-mile circuit.

Children 14 years of age and under require adult supervision at all times. After 10:00 p.m., children 16 and under may not remain on boats without adult supervision.

Pets are welcome but may not walk on the grounds. Special dogs-only carts are provided at each dock to wheel your furry companions to Doggyland, a fenced area at the extreme east and west ends of the Club grounds. You may also cross the bridge at the entrance to the DYC and walk your pets on Belle Isle.

Ground transportation via rental car, taxi or limousine can be arranged by staff at the Reception Counter.

Check out time for guest wells is 11:00 a.m.

Club Facilities

As our registered guests, you and your crew are invited to move freely about the Detroit Yacht Club premises and grounds; we have lots going on, and as our guest, you’re invited to make use of our facilities

The DYC Clubhouse is our center of activity. The Reception Counter on the main floor, which is staffed from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. daily, is the best place to ask any questions you may have. Men and women’s locker rooms are located on the up river end of the building.

Cash is not accepted in most area of the Club; Visa or MasterCard may be used to charge your purchases. You can purchase a cash card at the Reception Counter with U.S. dollars.

Guests may drive to the DYC to join you. Please contact the Security Gate at extension 238 with names and anticipated time prior to their arrival. House phones are located on the docks and in the clubhouse.

The restaurant and lounge are on the first floor of the Clubhouse facing the river. Both are open Tuesday through Sunday. Check with our staff regarding hours and reservations. An automatic gratuity will be added to your bill unless you indicate a specific amount. A dress code in these areas.

The Harbor Store is adjacent to the Harbor Office. Ice, soda, snacks, beer, wine and boating supplies are in stock. Our Valet Service can deliver your order directly to your boat or stop by the store to shop.

The DYC has wireless internet connections provided by Coastal Wave. Several marinas in the great Lakes also use this service. If you want access, check with the Reception Counter.

Our recreational amenities are superb. Check with staff for hours of operation.

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools and spa. Proper bathing is required by state law before entering the pools. For the safety of all, no swimming or bathing is allowed in the DYC harbor.

Fitness area and walking track. These are on the third floor above the indoor swimming pool.

Tennis and racquetball courts. The tennis courts are outdoors toward the up river end of our property. The racquetball court is on the fourth floor of the Clubhouse.

A Laundromat with coin operated washer and dryer is on the parking lot side of the Clubhouse near the outdoor pool. Open 24 hours.

Alcoholic beverages by the bottle or glass may not be brought from your boat into the Clubhouse, patio or pool areas.

A dress code applies throughout the Clubhouse. Boating and causal attire is permitted on the first and third floors. In the Front Lobby and on the second floor, a sport jacket or suit and tie are required for gentlemen, with women appropriately dressed. Bathing suits are permitted outside and in the locker rooms. Men are asked to remove their hats anywhere in the Clubhouse.