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Detroit Yacht Club Catering/Banquet Contract Policies

The DYC is proud of its magnificent facilities, excellent service, exquisite cuisine and staff of professionals who will do their utmost to please your guests in every possible way. Please discuss all special arrangements with your Catering Representative prior to your function, including all electrical, audio visual, lighting, floral arrangements, entertainment and other pertinent details. As a private club, the DYC maintains the following policies, which will assist you in planning a successful event:

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Room Reservations
Upon request, the Catering Office will hold a date for three business days with out committment after meeting with a Catering Representative. In order to secure that date, members and non-members must return a signed contact along with a deposit. Function rooms are assigned by the number of people anticipated. If attendance drops or increases, the DYC will accommodate these changes to the best of its ability as space allows. The DYC reserves the right to relocate functions, as management deems necessary. The Detroit Yacht Club prohibits any "subcontracting" of Club space by any sponsor or host to party planners or any persons acting in that capacity. All reservations and agreements are subject to the Policies and Procedures of the Detroit Yacht Club. Guests are limited to the space assigned to their group. The docks are off-limits and guests may not wander freely about the Club.
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All displays and exhibits, posters, banners, etc., must conform to city code fire ordinance regulations and cannot be affixed to the walls, floors, ceilings or fixtures of rooms with nails, staples, tape or any substance. Please be advised that no decorations will be permitted outside of an assigned function room unless prior arrangements have been made with your Catering Representative. Helium balloons are not permitted in the Ballroom. Due to fire safety regulations, the Detroit Yacht Club requires all taper candles to be enclosed in hurricane globes or the like.
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Due to limited storage space, early set-up and delivery times must be pre-arranged with your Catering Representative. Please keep in mind that deliveries will not be accepted more than 24 hours prior to an event and functions scheduled prior to your event may limit early set up times. All items not belonging to the DYC must be picked up within 24 hours of the conclusion of your event, including but not limited to meeting supplies, decorative items, and all items provided by suppliers you have contracted. Any items left longer than 24 hours become the property of the Club.
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Dress Code
The Detroit Yacht Club maintains a dress code policy in the Lobby and on the Second and Third Floors of the Clubhouse. For males: the preferred dress code is coat and tie, but collared shirts and/or sweaters with a jacket are acceptable; dress slacks (no blue jeans), shoes and socks. Boating attire is not acceptable. Females: The dress code is dresses or pantsuits and shoes. The sponsoring member/host is responsible for notifying their guests of this policy.
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Meeting room equipment can be contracted for an additional charge. The Detroit Yacht Club has a limited amount of equipment. Depending upon the size of your group, additional tables, skirting and chairs may need to be rented at your expense. If you have any questions regarding availability of equipment, please consult your Catering Representative. 
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Afternoon weddings may be held from 11:00A-3:00P. Evening weddings may be held from 6:00P-1:00A unless previously approved. Throwing rice, birdseed, flower petals, etc., on Club property is prohibited. 
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The Club’s House Rules prohibit any fundraisers other than those specifically approved by the Board of Directors prior to signing a letter of agreement with the DYC. Those who wish to host a fundraiser at the DYC must submit a letter to the Board of Directors which states how funds will be raised (i.e., auction), who the fundraiser benefits as well as the specifics of your food and beverage needs. 
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Ticket Selling/Publicity
The Detroit Yacht Club prohibits ticket selling at the door. This policy is strictly adhered to. The DYC also prohibits media advertising and the use of the Club name and/or logo in any promotions. The DYC reserves the right to cancel any function if the sponsor violates this policy knowingly or unknowingly. Any deposit will be forfeited. 
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The Club requires that those planning functions, which include non-members, provide the Club with an alphabetized guest list 72 hours in advance. Club policy may require additional security for groups whose size, program or nature indicates such need. The determination will be at the sole discretion of the Club. Generally, guards would be secured for parties of 75 or more and one guard for every 100 guests at the rate of $150.00 per guard. The cost of this security will be the responsibility of the host of the event. 
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Service Policies
All food and beverage served at the Club is to be provided by the Club. Exceptions may be made for special occasion cakes for which there may be a service charge for cutting and serving the cake. Special occasion cakes may not be delivered to the Club until the day of the function. The company/contact person of the event ordering the specialty cake is solely responsible for his or her own equipment.

Friday and Saturday evening events in the Main Dining Room and Ballroom require a minimum food purchase of twenty-five dollars per person, plus tax and gratuity.

The Detroit Yacht Club reserves the right to inspect and control all private parties, meetings, receptions or any other functions being held on the premises. Management reserves the right to stop any function where excessive drinking occurs. All Federal, State and Local laws with regard to food and beverage purchases and consumption are strictly adhered to. Michigan State law prohibits any alcoholic beverage from being brought into public function rooms or areas on Club premises. Michigan State law also prohibits service of alcoholic beverages to persons who cannot prove that they are at least 21 years of age or are visibly intoxicated. Management reserves the right to make this determination. We urge you not to mix drinking and driving. Should you or your guests need assistance, please allow our management and staff to arrange transportation for you. 
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Menu Selection
One menu is required for all guests. Two entrée selections may be offered to the guests at a $2.00 per person service fee. The DYC would require a final guest/entrée count guarantee three working days or 72 hours prior to the event. The DYC will strive to accommodate any dietary restrictions given at least one week’s notice. Due to health regulations, food is not to be taken out of the facility. In order for the DYC to guarantee availability of desired items, we must have menu selections finalized no less than three weeks prior to the function. A Catering Order will be sent to your attention, which will outline your selections. The Catering Order will reflect the menu item costs, which are in effect at the time your function takes place, regardless of when the function was booked. 
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Minimum guarantees are due three working days or 72 hours prior to the event. (For Tuesday or Wednesday functions, guarantee counts must be received by 3:00pm the previous Friday; For Saturday or Sunday events, guarantee counts must be received by 3:00pm on Wednesday). This guarantee number or, the actual number of guests served (which ever is greater) is the number that will be used to prepare the charges for the event. If no final guarantee is received, the Club reserves the right to use the number indicated on the original signed contract under "tentative attendance" as the correct guaranteed number of guests.
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Service Standards
The Detroit Yacht Club usually provided one server per three tables. One bartender is usually provided per 150 guests. However, staffing may be adjusted depending on the type of menu selected. All dinners must be served by 9:00pm, all beverage services and entertainment must end by 1:00am and rooms must be vacated by 1:30am. 
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Policies and Procedures
Payment for the guarantee number is required three business days in advance. Any additional charges require payment on the day of the function. Direct billing is subject to approval for member and non-member events. Applications for direct billing must be received at least three weeks in advance of your event. Deposit for an event may be paid by check, cash, VISA or MasterCard. Final payment for non-member (sponsored events) must be paid by a money order, cashiers check, or company check, unless approved for direct billing. Credit cards and personal checks cannot be used for non-member (sponsored) events for final payment. Detroit Yacht Club members may pay in full by personal checks, money order, cashiers check, VISA or MasterCard.

All Federal, State and municipal taxes which may be imposed or be applicable to this agreement are in addition to the prices herein agreed upon and the patron agrees to pay them; it should also be understood that an 20% service charge will be applied to all food and beverage sales. 
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Tax Exempt Groups
Taxes will be applied to all applicable products and services unless the hosting organization provides proof of their tax-exempt sales prior to the event. Groups requesting a tax exemption must submit their tax number and a letter requesting exempt sales at least two weeks prior to the event, or the organization will be billed for all taxes due.

Groups requesting tax exemptions must submit a letter requesting exemption along with their tax number on corporate letterhead. This letter must be received two weeks in advance of the function. 
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The sponsoring member/host is responsible for any damage to the premises by their guests or independent contractors on their behalf during the time the premises are under their control. The DYC shall not assume responsibility for the damage or loss of any merchandise or articles left in the Club or meeting areas prior to, during or following functions. All decorations, merchandise or articles must be removed from the DYC property at the end of the event. Items left longer than 24 hours without permission become the property of the DYC.
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